This Privacy Policy Statement provides information on the obligations and policies of United Properties Limited., its subsidiaries, affiliates, and associated companies (the “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) under the Hong Kong SAR Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Cap.486 (the “Ordinance”).

This Privacy Policy Statement specifically addresses the Company's obligations in respect of the data privacy laws of the Hong Kong SAR which is one of the most developed data protection regimes worldwide. The Company believes the principles embedded in the Ordinance offer no less protection in personal data privacy than those in other jurisdictions. As such, the Company undertakes to apply, where practicable, those principles and the processes set out herein to its operations globally. Where the Company's operations are subject to privacy legislation other than that of Hong Kong SAR, then this Privacy Policy Statement shall be applied so far as practicable and consistent with such local legislation. For further details on the Company's compliance with the Ordinance and any other privacy legislations, please contact Privacy Compliance Officer at the address listed below. Throughout this Privacy Policy Statement, the meaning of the term “personal data” is as defined in the Ordinance.

We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy online and have taken steps to protect the information you share with us. To help us protect your privacy, you should maintain the secrecy of the logon ID and password you may have set up in connection with your participation in any

The Company does collect certain personal information in order to provide you with customized services, content, and advertisements. Some personal information is gathered when you register to receive certain the Company’s services or products. We may also ask you for personal information at other times, for example when you enter a contest, or other promotion. The better we know you, the better we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We may share the collected data with a sponsor or other third party who is interested in serving you. You may inform us at any time not to share your personal information with third parties by sending us an e-mail message. Further, you always have the right to review the personal information we have collected and request that it be corrected if any inaccuracies exist.

Please read on for details about our privacy policy, what information we may collect and how we use it.

Uses of Registration Information

Basic registration requires you to provide us a login name and password, your legal name, address, current email address and contact number.

For reward redemption programs or promotions occasionally offered on the site, the Company may ask participants for additional personal data necessary to run the programs or notify winners.

Any information you may provide to third parties in the course of purchasing any products and services which may be featured on the Company, is subject to the privacy policies of those organizations. The Company requires companies featured on the Company also request personal data to facilitate purchases of their goods or services, to clearly display their own privacy policies covering the use of that data.

Privacy of Personal Data on the Company

The data you provide us is stored on secure servers. You may occasionally receive from us at your designated e-mail address notifications of the Company’s new features or offers. You may opt out of receiving those notifications at the time you set your personal preferences. Please remember to change your personal preferences for each e-mail address that you may have registered with us., however, reserves the right to disclose personal identifying information when required or permitted by law.

Personal Information Collection Statement

The Company recognizes and respects one’s right to privacy of personal identifiable information such as a person's name, contact number, address, sex, age, occupation, marital status, photo, identity card number, credit information, etc. ("the Personal Data") and pledges to observe and comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance with a devotion to protect on-line privacy on Personal Data.

The Company may require visitors of our web site ("the Customers") to provide the Personal Data in the course of their browsing of our web site; or through our web site, inquiring, subscribing and/or submitting applications for any information, services, products, schemes or registration of memberships operated, supplied and provided by the Company. Personal Data may also be collected on-line from our Customers without his or her awareness through the use of various technical operations.

The Personal Data collected or to be collected in future by the Company may be used for the following purposes:

  1. facilitating our provisions of services/products including but not limited to the estate agency, on-line shopping, e-commerce or any other related services/products to the Customers;
  2. sending or e-mailing to the Customers direct marketing and promotional materials of a diverse range of services/products provided/supplied by the Company from time to time. The Customers may write to our Data Protection Officer if they do not wish to receive such materials from the company;
  3. identifying the winners’ or Customers’ identity when collecting the winning prizes or free gifts from the Company;
  4. compiling aggregate statistics about the Customers registering with the Company;
  5. observing and complying with legal and regulatory requirements or orders of competent authorities in HKSAR or other jurisdiction.

The Personal Data collected and held by the Company may be provided to third parties including but not limited to the holding, subsidiaries or associated companies of the Company; the contractors and agents of the Company; the Company’s advertisers; and the parties under a duty of confidentiality to the Company.

While the Company shall use our best endeavors to ensure that the Personal Data collected by the Company will be securely kept in our storage system with only authorized personnel be allowed to gain access to such Personal Data, given the open and global nature of the on-line service, the Company may not be able to protect and secure such Personal Data from any deliberate third party interference. It will be outside the ambit of policy of the Company on privacy of Personal Data while the Customers activate any link and access to web sites operated by other third party.

The Company reserves the right at any time to amend this statement. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail. Request for access and correction of Personal Data or for information in relation to the Company’s policy and practice on privacy of personal data should be addressed in writing to: Data Protection Officer,, Shop A2 & A3, G/F., No.8A Grampian Road, Kowloon

*"Group Companies" shall mean any and/or all of the companies as specified in the website of the Company as group companies.